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08.17 Price: - € 16,20–21,20

Dance and vocal performance LOVE

Premiere– 17th August, 2018, 18:00 at Raudondvaris manor art incubator. SOLOISTS: Kristina Siurbytė – vocal Gintaras Visockis – dance Viltė Kazlauskaitė – dance Choreographer – Gintaras Visockis Love is like a certain code that we naturally bring to life with our birth. It keeps pulsating in us and transforms endless times. Native Love is pure and simple until we enlace [...]

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08.19 Price: - € 11,20

Pažaislis music festival. Italian movies night at Raudondvaris manor!

We invite you to exclusive journey through italian movie and music world where you’ll meet one of the most famous world jazz accordionists Fausto Beccalossi and for impressive versatility known cello player from Latvia – Ruslanas Vilenskis. In the concert you’ll hear specially for this duo arranged Nino Rota, Enio Morricone, Giovanni Fusco, Luiso Bacalovo music and excerpts from Italian [...]

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06.09 Price: - free

Folklore feast "The land of great people"

Event program on 9th June: 16:00 The beginning of event “From the fire…” 16:30 “Human – between humans”: folk ensembles performances, games, songs, folk art, culinary and traditional crafts fair. 17:30 The closing of Kaunas district folk artists exhibition “Tradition and present”. 18:30 Concert “Next to the giants”

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06.23 Price: - free

Hunting trophies exhibition at Raudondvaris Manor!

Event program: 12:00 Holy Mass 12:40 Festive walk with flags, trumpets and soldiers to Raudondvaris Manor 13:00 Exhibition opening 13:30 Concert, bonfire, hunters feast Concert performers: group THUNDERTALE. This summer hunters union “Gamta” and Sūduvos hunters union organize common hunting trophies exhibition in Raudondvaris. Organizations uniting hunters of South Lithuania were founded 15 years ago. During the years the number of [...]

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