raudondvario dvaras

Kai važiuoja stogas

The creative studio “Kai važiuoja stogas” is the place where the old Lithuanian customs and traditions are promoted. According to them, calendar and personal holidays are celebrated.

In addition, cognitive educations for students on the topic of calendar holidays are organized. Nowadays many customs and rituals are long forgotten or unknown for young people. In order to acquaint students with the customs and traditions of the main calendar holidays, we are organizing a cycle of educational programs “Sun Circle”. The cycle involves artistic creative workshops such as “Weaving of the Advent wreath”, “The making of Straw gardens” (this one of the oldest traditional art forms is not only the Lithuanian folk art heritage, but also very important part of Baltic culture), “The symbolism of Easter eggs printing”.

A series of events (lectures, seminars, video broadcasts) for the project “I work for myself” are organized to promote the cooperation and entrepreneurship of community members. The wooden works that have been favorited by Lithuanians since the old times will be manufactured and decorated during the workshop.


e-mail: kaivaziuojastogas@gmail.com
phone: +370 613 91557