raudondvario dvaras

Art incubator

PI “Raudondvaris Manor” implemented project “Raudondvaris Manor stables arrangement for arts incubator activities” during the period of 2009-2015.  Project aim was to arrange manor stables for arts incubator activities and create conducive conditions for young artists to work, present their works to public and develop art related businesses. Total project value: 3.178.965, 81 Eur. Results. Raudondvaris Manor stables were arranged and 2085.66 m2 of premises were adapted for arts incubator activities. It has 500 seats mobile theater and concert hall, art and photography gallery. Residents can use 68 % of the premises to work in creative studios, workshops, rehearsal rooms. Art incubator at the same time can accept about 40 small and medium business entities. At least 50 percent of young artists can reside at the same time at the arts incubator, which specializes in the development of music, scenes, photography and other forms of fine arts. In addition, after project implementation, local community is more involved into the process of creative industries and cultural needs of community are being formed. Arts incubator as an entrepreneurship education center in the field of arts contributes to the improvement of economic and social well-being in Kaunas District. At moment in the art incubator resides 10 young artists, that during 2017 organized about 300 educational activities involving 4050 visitors, compared to 2016 there were organized 80 educations with participation of 1000 visitors. Artists specializes in ceramics, wood sculpture and furniture elements design, photography, amber jewelry, linen handicrafts, interior design, ecological candles making, landscape design and music.

Partnerships. Raudondvaris Manor arts incubator opening led to partnership with local authority, Lithuania’s main culture and art organizations such as National Kaunas drama theater, Kaunas State musical theater, Kaunas State philharmonic, Lithuanian photography union of the Lithuanian art photographers, internationally  famous accordionist Martynas Levickis. Together with these partners art incubator implements various professional culture projects. Incubator also has international partners from Germany “Decura Akademie” which develops conference tourism, and partners from China “Phoenix Dianhong tea”. Raudondvaris manor also develops cultural partnerships with neighbors from Poland, Latvia, Belarus, also Ukraine in participation in projects (Interreg, Europe for Citizens, etc.) Events. Lithuanian culture partners organize theater performances, music festivals such as  “Kaunas Jazz”, “Pažaislis music festival”, “Kristupas festival”, “Operetta in Kaunas castle”, composers summer academy that ends in international music festival where young composers perform their unique musical compositions created in Raudondvaris manor art incubator. Traditional feasts: National day (July 6th), Harvest festival, Land Art festival, Kaunas district Christmas tree lighting.