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“SUNSTONE” is a relevant creative educational program about global warming, climate change and the importance of the green course. During the program, we will talk about ecology, climate change, touching both current times, human activity and its consequences, and the period of amber formation. We will investigate the formation conditions of Baltic amber, compare amber with other fossil remains of plants and animals, which have a huge impact on climate change due to human activity. We will discuss the importance of biodiversity and tree preservation and how each of us can contribute to stopping climate change!

During the creative work, we will make an amber amulet, we will use only ecological and environmentally friendly means. The created amulet will be like a silent reminder every day to remain conscious and not to forget that starting with small steps, each of us can achieve a lot and together become a great force that will undoubtedly preserve the green planet for future generations.


Duration: 1 hour

Registration: amber.area@gmail.com or +370 687 11826