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Production of bath bubbles

Making bath bubbles is a pleasant and fun pastime, and you will enjoy the bath balls yourself and surprise your loved ones. Once in the water, these bubbles start to hiss and foam, filling the bathroom with a wonderful aroma. Let’s make bathing fun and enjoyable!

During the session, we will learn about mineral pigments, clays and other necessary ingredients that will pamper our skin and give it a relaxing, moisturizing or nourishing effect. The sparkling balls will be made from natural ingredients and will be colorful and fragrant. After making a bath bubble, you will be able to relax and pamper yourself without even leaving your home – it is enough to take a bath with warm water, throw a bath bubble made with your own hands from natural products into the water and enjoy a fragrant rest.

During the class, we will make various shapes and smells – 3-5 pieces. sparkling bubbles for bath.

Duration: ~1,5 val.

Registration: +370 670 39767, info@ekozvakes.lt