raudondvario dvaras

Amber Horseshoe of Fortune

The Arts Incubator is located in the former stable building of Raudondvaris Manor, horses and their lucky horseshoes are an integral part of the history of this building. The educational program, which takes place in the former horse enclosure of the manor, helps to develop the imagination of the participants. During creative education, we explore the concept of happiness, we seek to find out why people believe in the power of the horseshoe to bring good luck.

Meanwhile, the intriguing stories and folk tales of the Raudondvaris manor stud help to reveal the secrets of superstitions. During our creative work, we use natural Baltic amber, so myths, legends and real amber formation conditions are briefly discussed.

During the activity, participants have the opportunity to develop creativity, sensitivity to aesthetics and culture. Stories combining legends and real events become a factor in the formation of a critically thinking personality. Program participants independently make a lucky horseshoe from wood, amber and other materials. Finally, having satisfied the desire for knowledge and actualizing the creative potential, we will travel home and spread warmth and joy!


Duration: 1 hour

Registration: amber.area@gmail.com or +370 687 11826