raudondvario dvaras


A historical journey through time “Raudondvaris and Raudondvaris manor from ancient times to today”

On this historical journey through time, you will hear where people first settled in the territory of Raudondvaris, when and how the name Raudondvaris began to be formed, which famous Lithuanian nobles ruled Raudondvaris, what was their contribution to the change of the settlement and the estate, what their legacy has reached us…

During the tour, you will see the restored buildings of the Raudondvaris manor from the outside, hear the history of their changes from the beginning of the construction of the manor buildings to the present day, and “get to know” the former owners of the manor.

If possible, you will visit the rooms and artes located on the south side of the representative palace, you will learn how their purpose changed, what the interiors were like, when the owners of the estate changed.


Tour guides: Zita (registration +370 636 81526), Andrius (registration +370 636 27841)

Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian

Tour guide Andrius: English, Lithuanian

Price: 5 Eur for person.


Duration: ~1 hour

Raudondvaris castle “plays” (about ghosts of the place, interesting events and legends)

What castle or old mansion did not have its own secrets and ghosts, which people whispered about from generation to generation… With fear, pity, listening to the sounds of the environment, will moans, steps, whispers reach their ears from the silence of the ages, or will some shadow of the past follow them during a pleasant walk in the park of the estate…

You can hear about Raudondvaris Castle’s “plays” and more interesting events of the manor’s life during a special “ghostly” excursion.


Tour guide: Zita (registration +370 636 81526)

Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian.

Price: 5 Eur for person

Duration: 30-45 min

Reflections of the love legend of Sigismund Augustus and Barbara Radziwiłł in Raudondvaris manor

A story and new facts about love story between Poland King and Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund Augustus and his loveliest wife Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania Barbara Radziwiłł, also what was their connection with Raudondvaris.


Tour guide: Zita (registration +370 636 81526)
Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian.
Price: 5 Eur for person
Duration: 30-45 min




A theatrical tour with a Renaissance lady 

During the theatrical tour, you will get to know the history of Raudondvaris manor and its most prominent managers. You will travel in time from the Renaissance to the beginning of the 20th century.  Moreover, you will get to know the Tyszkiewicz family, who turned the Raudondvaris manor into a center of culture and art, their life and entertainment including their eccentric hobbies, which made the servants go a little bit crazy. Also, you will find out what exotic animal the passionate photographer and traveler Count Benedykt Henryk Tyszkiewicz kept in the estate and what wealth was accumulated in the estate.

During the tour, you will not only walk around the manor park, visit the former stables of the manor (now an art incubator), but also see the castle’s interior. At the end of the tour, you will be invited to one of the most sumptuous rooms of the manor – the white banquet hall that used to have live orchestral music while the counts were living in the manor. The Renaissance lady will invite everyone to learn Renaissance dance steps.


Tour guide: Ugnė (registration +370 630 59382)

Languages: Lithuanian, English

Price: 5 Eur for person

Duration: 45- 50 min

Registration for excursions: +370 656 50755, or by e-mail: raudondvariodvaras@gmail.com

  • On Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and some time in other days there are marriages, conferences, concerts and other events in Raudondvaris castle.
    By this reason we need pre-registration and time coordination before your group plans to come.
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