raudondvario dvaras

Production of aromatic bath salts

During the session, we will make bath salt, which will make the bath ritual special and give the skin a feeling of tenderness and softness. Self-made bath salt will not only provide pleasure, but will also have aromatherapy – healing properties (it will help overcome insomnia, stress, distraction and other emotional ailments, prevention and prevention of colds).

We will color the aromatic bath salt with mineral pigments, so the salt will look festive and will be perfect as a gift for yourself or a friend. We will also perfume the bath salt with essential oils and fragrance extracts, and enrich it with clays that will provide the skin with useful substances and mineral oxides. Clay brightens and soothes tired skin, softens, nourishes and rejuvenates, perfectly cleanses the skin. During the class, we will create an individual recipe for aromatic bath salts.

Duration: ~ 1- 1.5 hour

Registration: +370 670 39767, info@ekozvakes.lt