raudondvario dvaras

ECO candles

Having started his activity in 2013, Andrius Rebždys together with his team produces natural candles from beeswax collected in Lithuania. These candles are made only from organic materials without any chemical admixture. Natural beeswax does not pollute the environment, ionizes the air, cleans the premises from odors and allergens.

“ECO candles” offers for people to purchase their handmade products or learn how to make candles themselves. Educative workshop organized in Raudondvaris Manor art incubator fits for children, adults and thematic parties. Participants will be introduced to the life of bees, the characteristics of beeswax and other bee products and their benefit for health. During the activity participants will be surrounded by summer beeswax and honey aroma, will be able to free their mind, escape routine and dive into creative world.



e-mail: info@ekozvakes.lt

phone: +370 670 39767

More: ekozvakes.lt