raudondvario dvaras

Creative workshop "Baltic treasure"

2021-10-11 LV-LT



This week Raudondvaris Manor is full of craftsmen because international creative workshop is organized (11th– 17th October) to create new educational program and souvenir. The workshop is organized by the project “Historic road: Raudondvaris-Bauska (LLI-498 HRRB), supported by the “Interreg V-A Latvia and Lithuania cross-border cooperation programme 2014-2020”.

During the first half of the year the crafstmen teams created by Raudondvaris Manor and Bauska Castle Museum were generating ideas, doing research, gathering information that they will use here in the workshop. Lithuanian team consists of these crafstmen: Lina – amber master, Justina – eco candles and natural perfurm maker, Diana – florsit and decorator, Rima – painting on silk and textile master, Ruta – ceramist. Latvian team: Ineta – florist, Guna – leather master, Matildė – caligraphy, painting with oil paints master, Linda – jewellery creator (creates jewellery based on archeological findings), Janis – wood artist.

All these crafts artists will be working together this week to present their ideas and create new educational programme named “Baltic treasure” and its souvenir example. The “Baltic treasure” should introduce tourist to Raudondvaris Manor and Bauska Castle Museum, the manors and castles culture and nurtured crafts in those objects during historical periods.

After the example of treasure box will be created and the idea for the programme’s description will be fully developed then informational leaflets will be made for publishing. It is planned that this new educational programme “Baltic treasure” will be started to present to tourists during the 2022 cold season in order to attract more visits to both partners regions.

To make this visit more memorable for participants from Bauska it is planned to have entertainment and cognitive activities. Guests from Latvia will be invited to attend Raudondvaris manor craftsmen educations and get to know Kaunas district tourism objects.


Participants’ workshop programme: here


Program’s booklet:here

  • The event is organized by the project „Historic road: Raudondvaris-Bauska (LLI-498 HRRB).
  • This project is funded by the European Union. Official EU website: europa.eu
  • Total projects size is 785 875.00 EUR. Out of them co-funding of European Regional Development Fund is 667 993.75 EUR
  • The Interreg V-A Latvia – Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 aims to contribute to the sustainable and cohesive socio-economic development of the Programme regions by helping to make them competitive and attractive for living, working and visiting. Programme website: latlit.eu
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