raudondvario dvaras

EYCH 2018

In 2018 celebrating European year of cultural heritage Raudondvaris manor won special jury prize in ECTN and partners organized awards during the 11th International Conference for Cultural Tourism on the theme “Cultural Heritage as an Asset for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism”. Awards ceremony took place in October 25-27 Pafos, Cyprus.
In total 57 candidates from 15 countries had submitted applications, under 7 thematic categories. The selection has been made by a jury comprised by representatives of ECTN, EN, ETC and NECSToUR. More: http://www.culturaltourism-network.eu/

ECTN pic. Raudondvaris Manor director Snieguolė Navickienė receiving special jury award.

“…These Awards enhance the visibility of European cultural tourism destinations, create a Europe-wide platform for sharing experience and knowledge and promotes networking between destinations.

The Award Contest is open to tourist destinations across Europe, for showcasing results and outputs regarding cultural tourism.

The Award Contest is based on an existing contest which has been organised since 2014 by ECTN around annual themes for the benefit of destinations, communities, businesses, citizens and visitors.

This special edition of the Awards for Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism in Europe is organised by ECTN in partnership with Europa Nostra and the European Travel Commission, supported by NECSTouR, as a contribution to​ the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018. ” More: http://www.culturaltourism-network.eu/award-2018.html