raudondvario dvaras

Making a home scent diffuser

The smell gives the house specialness, coziness and is an invisible accent of the interior. During the session, you will choose a palette of scents you like, mix different essential and fragrant oils and get a unique home aroma. The resulting fragrance will fill your home with luxurious aromas of flower petals, citrus or exotic scents. One of the most important advantages of diffusers is that you can adjust the intensity of the smell at home with the help of wooden sticks.

During the class, you will receive chopsticks, and at home you can decide how many to put in a glass container. Each participant will produce 50 ml of a natural and high-quality home fragrance and pour it into a bottle of Italian design. Let your home smell of nature and delight you and your guests with good energy!

Duration: 1.5 hour

Registration:  +370 670 39767, info@ekozvakes.lt