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Celebration of February 16 – Lithuania restoration day!

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Celebration of February 16 – Lithuania restoration day!

The event will be held in Raudondvaris manor art incubator on February 15th, 2019 at 16:00.

Address: Pilies takas 1, Raudondvaris, Kaunas distr.

Free entrance.

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Early music concert "Music and poetry songs in art"

Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022 at 16:00 at Raudondvaris Manor early music concert “Music and poetry in the art of song” or “Music and poetry in art” will be performed. In the concert “Music and poetry in the art of song” invites its listeners to enjoy the remarkable 14th – 17th century. composers such as Guillaume de Machaut (c.1300-1377), John Dowland [...]

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Early music group "Sua Dolce Maestà" Christmas concerts

2021.12.14 On the 15th December at 17:00 in Bauska Castle Museum and on 16th December at 18:00 in Raudondvaris Manor, we kindly invite you to enjoy the early music evening! In the concert there will be performed well known Renaissance era composers and 17th century music, which historically has been well known in Baltic region. In concert you will hear [...]

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Early music concert “Musica gloriosa”

2021.11.16 Sunday, Nov. 21, at 12:00 17th century music will be played in the Bauska Castle Museum by students of the JVLMA Department of Early Music and the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, as well as by JVLMA lecturers. During the cooperation project “Historical Road: Raudondvaris-Bauska” with the main goal of the project to increase the number of visitors [...]

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International creative workshop "Baltic treasure"

2021-10-18       Last week at Raudondvaris Manor international creative workshop took place. This workshop was organized to create new educational programme called “Baltic treasure”. Implementation of this activity is a part of ongoing project “Historic road: Raudondvaris-Bauska (LLI-498 HRRB)” supported by “Interreg V-A Latvia and Lithuania cross-border cooperation programme 2014-2020”. The team of ten craftsmen-educators from Raudondvaris Manor [...]

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July 3-4, festival "Castle day" at Raudondvaris Manor!

2021-06-30 This year on July 3-4, we kindly invite all to attend historic festival “Castle day” at Raudondvaris Manor. The festival will be thematic historic event representing culture heritage and spreading knowledge of European manors at regional, national and international level. The “Castle day” will represent times from middle ages, renaissance to 19th century and nowadays. Visitors will be able [...]

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