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Dance and vocal performance LOVE

06.19 / 18:00 val. Price - 16,20–21,20 eur
Dance and vocal performance LOVE

Premiere– 17th August, 2018, 18:00 at Raudondvaris manor art incubator.

Kristina Siurbytė – vocal
Gintaras Visockis – dance
Viltė Kazlauskaitė – dance

Choreographer – Gintaras Visockis

Love is like a certain code that we naturally bring to life with our birth. It keeps pulsating in us and transforms endless times. Native Love is pure and simple until we enlace it with lies, illusions and shackles. All Love stories are different but always similar. It appears that every human being is destined to survive the transformation of Love, no one is protected from the mistakes in the journey we must go, to find the perception of what is Love.

Kristina Siurbytė, one of the main soloists of the Kaunas State Musical Theater, the nominee of the Golden Stage Cross, Fortune diplomas and Fortune prize winner, in the performance of Love, goes beyond the usual limits of vocal performance with her voice – she not only begins to tell the Love story by words of the song but transforms her voice into another musical instrument. Distance from words frees the listener from definitions, allows you to perceive history and feelings through your personal experiences, to live the Love in the deepest parts of your heart and soul.

Gintaras Visockis is the ballet dancer and choreographer of Kaunas State Musical Theater and the owner of Fortune’s award diploma. Together with dancer Viltė Kazlauskaitė they tell the story of two people through dance and movement measures. It`s the story whose main axis is the eternal transformation of Love and perception of  own position – I – the other – Love – tranformation – unity.
The dance also avoids definitions, doesn’t try to dress up into particular dance style. The most important thing in the dance moves is emotional expression that every spectator would be able to understand it.

Performance used Wojciech Kilar, Astor Piazzolla, Johann Sebastian Bach, Alfred Schnittke, George Frideric Handel, Max Richter, Frank Wildhorn, Heitor Villa-Lobos and other composers music.


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