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09.05 / 13:30 val. Price - - eur
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Raudondvaris Manor and Art incubator


♦ Music performances by:

13:30 folklore ensemble “VIEŠIA”

14:30 folklore group “RATILAI”

16:00 folkrock band “KITAVA”


♦ Crafstmen:

ribbon weaving | jewelry | thatched gardens | toy making | herbalism | stone carving | cuttings| textile | ceramics | tannery | smithery | weaving | felting | wood carving

♦ Folk art exhibition


Free entrance.


Other events

08.07 Price: - € 22-35

Legend. Vytautas Kernagis. Stories and Songs

2024 On August 7th, at 7 PM, at the Raudondvaris Manor Arts Incubator Live performance of Vytautas Kernagis’ songs – Jokūbas Bareikis invites to concerts to honor the stage legend. Maestro Vytautas Kernagis – a legend of the Lithuanian music world, always warmly remembered. Actor and musician Jokūbas Bareikis invites you to the concert “Legend. Vytautas Kernagis. Stories and Songs” [...]

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07.25 Price: - € 19-29

Lina Rastokaitė: Music That Changed Lithuania

2024 July 25th, 7 PM, at the Raudondvaris Manor Arts Incubator Solo Concert by Lina Rastokaitė Accompanied by Feliksas Zakrevskis Embark on a heartfelt journey with Lina Rastokaitė’s solo concert “Music That Changed Lithuania.” In this emotional event, audiences will hear well-known music that once changed Lithuania. Vytautas Kernagis’ and Hiperbolė’s compositions, songs from “Devil’s Bride” and other Lithuanian musicals, [...]

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07.20 Price: - € 31.63–60

OPTIBET M.A.M.A. summer 2024

2024 The largest one-day Lithuanian music festival “M.A.M.A. Summer 2024” will rock Raudondvaris on July 20th. TICKETS: HERE Organizer: M.A.M.A. pramogos, VšĮ +37065856799 / info@muzikosapdovanojimai.lt

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07.19 Price: - € 34-59

Raudondvaris Evening: Dinamika, Žemaitukai, and Inga Jankauskaitė | July 19

2024 In a unique location – a concert by the legendary group “Dinamika,” “Žemaitukai,” and Inga Jankauskaitė: this is an exceptional summer evening. On July 19th, the courtyard of Raudondvaris Manor in Kaunas district will be shaken by a unique event – “Raudondvaris Evening.” For the first time, the legendary group “Dinamika,” the beloved “Žemaitukai,” and the ever-surprising singer Inga [...]

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07.06 Price: - free

On July 6th, we invite everyone to celebrate Statehood Day!

2024 On July 6th, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating Statehood Day at a festive event in LIETUVA RAUDONDVARIS MANOR! The event is FREE.   Program SMALL CASTLE STAGE 12:00 Solemn opening of the celebration 12:20 Young talent competition 14:00 Royal concert | Performers: Kristina Siurbytė, Akvilė Garbenčiūtė, Egidijus Bavikinas, Raimondas Baranauskas | MAIN STAGE (near the Arts [...]

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