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Festival “Castle day” on October 28-29

10.25 / 17:00 val. Price - free


October 28-29th a free “Castle Day” festival will be held at Raudondvaris Manor! 🏰

The first day of the festival will be opened by jeweler Nijolė Jovarienė’s jewelry exhibition “Vieversynės giesmininkai”. After that, the concert of “2 Forte” pianists Sigutė Mikalauskaitė-Garšanovė and Daina Kripavičienė will await. The musical program is called “Pasauliui nutilus” (After the world fell silent). It will feature pieces from movies performed on a piano with four hands.

On October 29, festival guests are welcome from 12:00 p.m. A trade and craft fair will be held in the park, excursions and education will be organized, and pumpkin carving workshops for ad ults and children will be open.  During the festival, Marijus Gvildys, a well-known Lithuanian florist and organizer of earth art festivals, will create compositions of autumn goodies. As the sun sets, the castle ghost procession will begin, accompanied by a spectacular fire show!

Historical dance group “Galms” from Latvia will appear on the stage and will invite you to dance together after the performance. The evening will be finished by the group “Studija”!



17:00 Opening of jewelry exhibition “Vieversynės giesmininkai” in Raudondvaris Castle

18:00 Piano concert “Pasauliui nutilus” in Raudondvaris Castle


12:00 The start of the festival

12:00-20:00 Crafts and trade fair

12:00–17:00 The making of compositions of autumn goodies

13:00–16:00 Pumpkin carving workshop

16:00 Performance by historic dances group “Galms” (Latvia)

17:30 The Feast of Castle ghosts

18:00 Concert by group “Studija”

Excursions  will be held at 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00. Registration tel. +370 656 50755

Education “Baltic treasures” at 15:00. Registration: raudondvariodvaras@gmail.com

Education “Artificial lighting in the Renaissance Castle” (in English, lecturer Ruta Garklava, Bauska Castle, Latvia) at 17:00. Registration: raudondvariodvaras@gmail.com

The event is organized by the project “Historical road: Raudondvaris-Bauska (LLI-498 HRRB)”.

The project is supported by Interreg Latvia – Lithuania Program.

Project partners: Raudondvaris Manor, Bauska Castle Museum, Kaunas District Municipality, Bauska Municipality

Friends of the festival: Viduramžiai LT

During the event will be taken photos. Photos to be used for publicity of the Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme

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Exhibition "Near and Far" by Lithuanian and French artists

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At 20:00, July 28,  an exclusive concert by Inga Jankauskaitė will take place at Raudondvaris Manor! In the open-air concert, the artist together with the group will present her most beautiful and popular songs.   Tickets here

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